Sunday, March 8, 2009

Work ...

Every weekend for the last two months, I've been stuck at the NDOT yard. Not next weekend, its derby time. Since January I've come to loath my weekends. I sit in a guard shack, fighting the z-monster all night with the help of sugar and caffeine. The only drugs allowable in my fine occupation. Three or four times a nite I make the rounds, roming through the main NDOT office and the yards. I find it interesting the levels of order I witness in the different offices. For the mostpart cleanliness and order is kept at a decent standard. There are multiple offices that make me wonder if there is a direct link between the individuals and the issues with our roads and highways. One that specifically stands out in my mind is the District Traffic Engineer. One office, one desk, one outrageous mess of paperwork and disorderly mayhem. This guy is undoubtedly in charge of some serious shit, so why isn't his serious shit paperwork organized and taken care of. I realize the budget is tight, but somebody get this guy an assistant. I can't help but wonder, who is in charge of him? Is it a political figure? Is it a higher DOT official out of the office? I'm sure this guy answers to no one in the building, there's no way, or else they would tell him to pull his head out of his ass and get his shit straight. The second case of madness in the building is a corner cubicle in an office upstairs of which there is three or four cubicles. This person must be the tick on the dogs ass in their department. Shelves typically used for paperwork or books, are filled with over 100 types of nail polish, boxes and boxes of tea,and cheap tacky decorative figurines and memorabilia. The desktop is equally cluttered with more personal items than actual work related mess. Under the desk she could actually use a laundry basket to organize the pile of shoes and clothes therein.
I don't work at NDOT, I simply roam the premises, and observe. But If i did, I would get in the asses of those above, if I had any regular eyes on. Gross displays of this kind need a thorn in their side.

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