Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Where's global warming when you need it?

I need a damn haircut. I got a reference, got ready for work early, went to the place and realized as I got out of my truck that I didn't have my wallet. I almost panicked, partly because I didn't remember where I put my wallet and more so because I was mentally prepared to let yet another stranger fuck with my hair. My stylist is one of my best friends. Since returning from the Army, I have either shaved my head or traveled to Chico for a haircut. The bitch moved to ventura though. So hopefully tomarrow after work, I can get my situation taken care of. Right now I look like Sonic the Hedgehog with a receding hairline.
Work today was boring as all hell. The unemployment office is hands down the worst of my posts. Primarily, because I don't know the employees there and I don't really care if I know them. I spend five hours a week there. I quess I just like the posts where there is minumal human interaction. Not that I don't like people, just that I don't like getting to know people that see me as a tool, or maybe I just feel like a tool. All I do is sit there with a 38 and read the paper, or walk around. Anyway, boring 5 hours, and I need to work on changing that.
Went to the dog park after work today. I was really hoping the weather would be warmer. It was windy though, and cloud cover accumulated. I stayed for a while, Booch had fun. He always seems to find a dog thats older than him, thats just as frisky and willing to play. Today it was a small lab mix with long hair. The mix seemed like one of those dogs that likes to be snappy, one that would nip at a kid if it annoyed him enough. Booch did pretty well with him, he always gets control with his paws around the other dog, but then loses control because of the other dogs strength in size.
I'm thankful for my messenger buddies. I'm still alone, but they make me laugh. Derby practice tomarrow, I love it more every time I go. I think I'm just hooked on skating. I remember going as a kid and skating my brains out all day. I would only go like once a year though for the school field trip or someones B-day party. That kid instinct comes out when I'm out there, and I just want to have fun. Alright, its nite nite time.

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  1. I'm hooked on the skating too. That's why I try to take advantage of the moments when I can get on the rink and just speed around. I didn't get to go much as a kid either and we always got in trouble when we went too fast. Now I get to go as fast as I can!!