Thursday, March 26, 2009

Cleaning and Parenting

I had a fun day today. Thursday's I pick up Hunter at 715 in the morn, and we get to spend the whole day together. Then I drop him off in the morning before work. Today we started off with some good breakfast, supplemental for him. His mom gives him poptarts or cold cereal or oatmeal, with not much deviation. So even though hes had something, he always wants some breakfast burrito that Dada makes. After some grub and puppy hijinx, a trike ride was in order. Hunter is very adamant about his bike rides. I know he rides his bike a lot at mommys, and he doesnt go more than two hours without desiring a bike ride at my place. We went a ways this morning, and even though we went so far that he started asking to go back to the house, once we got there, he sat on the trike for a minute and wanted to ride more. I reminded him that he was tired, and we went inside. Not too long after we laid down for a nap. I love naps, and taking a nap with a toddler is the best. They'll cry if you tell them they have to take a nap and make them lay down. If you lay down with them, they think its fun. If Dada is tired, Hunter is tired. Waking up is probly the best part, I always tend to wake up before him and just lay there til he wakes up. When he does wake up though, he's ready to go, no laying around. Once he's up, all I hear is 'git up Dada' until my derby weary bag of bones gets up to play. After some lunch and an attempt at watching Dr.Doolittle, I started overhauling my fish tanks. Hunter helped, he was in charge of the gravel. That is making sure the dog stayed away from it, for some reason my dog was taking mouthfuls of it out of the bucket it was in. The tank venture took a few hours, much longer than it would have without a toddler assistant. A trip to the dogpark was our last activity of the day. Booch was his typical rowdy puppy self, he had a couple good rasslin' buddies tonite. The one that stood out though was a 8 month old english bulldog. The bull dog growled at first(they tend to have attitudes), but then decided it would be fun to play. I don't know what it was that triggered Booch, but he started getting vocal like I havnt heard before. He was playing a little rougher than normal, but growling at the same time. For the mostpart his roughhousing has been with bigger dogs and he doesn't growl and is easily submitted. I think he felt dominance with a dog more similiar to him in age and size(not heighth), hence the growling. They were both doing some growling, but more from Booch and it almost made me wanna break them up, which I've never had to do with any other dog, but I felt almost like he was being mean. The Bulldogs owner and I were talking though, and we were both in agreeance that they were both having fun and maybe just practicing being grownup dogs.

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