Sunday, March 29, 2009

Time is the master

Lately I've felt like my sense of time is lost. Right now I'm in my 10th hour of work and it's 5:30 in the morning. This shift is long and uneventful. After I wake up tomarrow, the day will fly past me. No doubt, It will be time to go to bed and I will feel as though I still need to do something else. I've been feeling as though some responsibility has not been met. There are unresolved issues in my life right now, and they cloud my brain. If they didn't, then I would have some kind of problem. I have Faith, that balance will come. . . . . ....... I need to get ahead in my online class. .. Worked on that some tonite. ... . Need to reduce pork barrel spending. . . . These are birds among the clouds, that fog my skull.

There's things I want for myself. I always try to keep the concept of Karma in mind (minus any spiritual connotation) and a strong conscience makes that easy to do. Part of the problem I see with views on The church, is preconceptions towards moral indemnification. A pre-disposition is set that anyone from outside whatever set of beliefs is below par out of the gate. At man's fault this happens, and the indemnification should come from within, not out of pressure. Back on track though(and back from patrol), I try to keep the 'do unto others' mindset. Today will be a follow through.

Almost 7 now. I wonder if it's possible to get dizzy from the earth's rotation. I'm ready for today. I wish I could not nap, without feeling like a piece of poo later. I think I've only done it one other time, I don't remember what it was that kept me from napping, it had to have been something good though. I didn't periodically doze off today, for 10 minutes at a time as I usually do. The third wind is in effect. For full effect, I'm gonna have to eat a good breakfast, run and then bathe. I think I just convinced myself. Hell, I drag ass after the naps for a good hour or more anyway. I need papertowels, and cheese, and a new dog leash, and tortillas.

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  1. I have never mastered the art of naps. I can lay down beat ass tired but if its daylight then I am assed out. I consider laying down watching tv just as good as a nap as long as my mind isn't thinking about issues.