Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Today was a good day. Dad showed around 12 to hang out. Hunter and I were waking up from a good nap. We played for a while and I did some laundry. We went for a trike ride and to the dog park. Grandpa tried to get out the video camera for the trike ride and ended up missing most of it due to his notorious disposition of being unprepared with the damn thing. Everytime he goes for it the battery is dead, or the tape is finished, or he can't get it to work right. I've told him several times he has to be one of the last people in the country still using one of those things and that a digital camera with a decent video option would be his best bet. Whatever though. He got the dinosaur up and running and got some good tape of the ride. Then he took it to our dog park adventure. His cat lady wife, bless her soul, stayed in the car while we went to the park. I know she had a surgery recently on an ankle so I'm sure that's why she stayed. So grandpa walked out to the field, video camera secured to his neck via lanyard. There wasnt too many dogs out today. We did come across a lady and her lab and two young children. Hunter kinda went up to them and watched for a few minutes. I watched and it made me reflect, I wondered if H would be better off with a sibling. I had two younger brothers growing up, and I know it was beneficial. My heart sunk a little as he watched them, not going up and socializing immediately, but standing back and waiting for the older of the two to come up to him and then an almost awkward toddler style greeting. It made me want him to be in a typical daycare situation if anything. He needs the social atmosphere. He doesn't get enough of it from kids close to his age. He does great around adults, and I know he'll do great once he's in school, but for the next three years I honestly think he needs more than he gets now. The visit with grandpa ended with a trip to Walmart. They wanted to buy me a lamp for the living room, I expressed a need for one last time he was here and it must have stuck. When leaving Walmart to drop him off with his mom, he gave hugs goodbye and blew kisses as we left. He's so awesome.
I went to class tonite, and pleasantly discovered my teacher had basically cancelled both classes for the nite. That means dinner and some time before derby practice tonite. Practice was awesome, I got kneepads and new wheels beforehand. I think with the new accessories I lost some inhibition about falling and definately improved some skills. My new derby/messenger buddy let me borrow her tool to put on my new wheels. If she doesn't read this it would surprise me, seeing as how I'm a new follower to her blog. Aside, she's expressed her fondness for me which is both flattering and welcomed. At the same time she's apprehensive, with good reason. Derby practice for me is still very new to me and I hold it as self improvement/stress relief, so despite our enjoyable text-versations, I havn't asserted a decent conversation. I do owe her some face to face at this point though, and by Grace she'll be a new friend at the least.

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  1. Turnabout is fair play, after all. and i am feeling a little less embarassed. Thanks.