Saturday, April 11, 2009


I got arrested yesterday. I've never been arrested before. It was interesting. The process was definitely reminiscent of military procedure, right down to the random arrogant pricks that stand out, just screaming 'I hate myself, so you will hate me too'. Funny thing was that the most heinous of the bunch I was witness to, were the females. I'm sure there's reasons why you get put into booking and not housing. I ended up spending more than 7 hours in the holding area, not too bad of a place to be. Overripe apples and underripe oranges were provided along with sandwiches, I stuck to the fruit, in an effort to avoid any prepared food. I was allowed access to my cell phone one time, I only retrieved one number, Moms. After finding out that calls to a different area code weren't allowed, I called a Bond company. The seedy crook wanted 15% of the bail, I agreed to my first case of rape and they took my credit card number. I called back sometime around 3, to my delight the agent was irritated, my bail had already been posted. I graciously apologized. Okay, bail is posted, time to get out. No, why not, because the head prick has the paperwork on his desk for releases and has decided to let them marinate on his desk. Four and a half hours passed before my family showed up to jail and started asking questions. Within 15 minutes of them showing up, I was out. But when I asked about it on the inside, both times I was told that there was a lot of paperwork and other releases and so on so goes forth the bullshit. Oh yah, what did I get arrested for? I took my Mtn. bike from my marital residence by means of a rope over the fence. Expensive Mtn. Bike outside the garage + Estranged wife + Restraining order + Retrieval of bike = Jail

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Today was a fun day. Slept well, cleaned up a bit, then headed to the dog park. I tried to get Hunter to take a short nap. It didn't happen. I'm about 93.6% sure that he didn't get a nap today before he came over at 3. He was excited to say 'Hi' to me when he showed up, but once he walked inside and put his new backpack down. He was apparently out of energy, and uninterested in much of anything. So we laid down. Well I laid down. Hunter decided it was time to play. After a few minutes though, he realized I was trying to to calm him down. He rebelled against my intentions. I should have known an attempt at a nap that late would be pointless. Then G was at the dog park. So at the mention of the dogpark, he was ready to go. The weather wasn't too bad, atleast it was warmer today. I've been nagging G to get Chango out there, he did really well for his first time. Booch picked on him at first, which bothered me, but by time we left they were buddies, playing nice, and they wouldn't leave each other alone.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

The search for balance

Since the last blog, I gave up my armed shifts. I have to prove my compliance with the courts, which now includes a cut in pay. Granted, not all my shifts are armed, it's still a cut.

I went out Thurs nite, a first for this year. It was a little crazy, I don't think I was the only one who felt like an oldy. Next time I might suggest a game night, to accomodate the early-wakers. Man, do I sound lame.

It's 6:30 in the morning. Friday's are so long. I got to help someone out today, I like to help.

I loathe foreseen stress. Some things could be so much easier without the interference of self-righteousness.

I wondered about a view of religion during this shift. The idea that religion is a crutch, a tool for those with weak minds. I believe this can be true. I believe faith can be a source of strength, but weak or strong minded, everyone finds support and strength in outside sources. Saying that someone who has faith is weakminded, is an opposition to 'strength in belief'. If something enables strength of mind, then does it matter what the cause or more so the outcome? The passion of anti-religious folk intrigues me. The Church of Anti-Faith.

I should maybe try and get more followers for my blog if I'm gonna keep this thing up. This is good diary-style therapy and all, but now that the assignment is over...