Sunday, March 22, 2009


Today my Dad and his wife came to visit. They showed around 2 this afternoon, I was still in bed, since I work the graveyard on the weekend. When they rang the doorbell, I wasn't ready to get up. I was still tired and just wanted to lay there, and I'm always a little apprehensive when my Dad comes to town. I love my Dad, but our relationship is a little awkward sometimes. His dad wasn't really around when he was growing up so the way he raised me and my siblings lacked certain aspects.

Sondra dropped Hunter off at 3, and he obviously needed a nap. I think she makes a point not to let him take a full nap before she drops him off. I asked her if he had a nap and she said something like ' a little bit'. That means no nap. I wasn't sure how Hunter would interact with grandpa and Paula. He was a little shy at first, but then he warmed up. He's an awesome kid with a great personality. This was definately the most time he has had with them one on one. In no time, I had him saying grandpa, and on the way to dinner and back, he was asking 'where danpa?'. I would like there to be a good relationship between them, it just feels a little awkward right now. The sense of awkward comes from the hint of uncomfort on my part though. Uncomfort with his cat-lady wife, memories of lacking support, and the big one, the fact that he never really established a good Father-Son bond past the time I was 8. I guess I should look at it in a positive way, as I try to do with all situations. If I wasn't so influenced by his tendencies of high-stress, and low tolerance level anger triggers, I probably wouldn't be the laid back person I am. I learned at a young age that most things aren't worth getting worked up about, and even the things that are worth a fight don't usually require one.

Today's visit was a good one, and it will continue tomarrow. I'm glad Hunter gets a clean slate with his grandpa, and I hope to feed off of it and naturalize my relationship with danpa.

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