Saturday, March 21, 2009

Blog Shmog

So the last month or so I've been trying to balance going to school, working full time, having my son almost 50 percent, a new pup, and volunteering as a ref for the Roller girls. It's going pretty well. My only real problem so far has been the online class that I started this blog for. My issue is that I don't check the class site regularly enough. I'll check it, and try and just remember what needs to happen and when. So I started this blog back when I first realized it was going to be an assignment. Apparently the part about having to write 12 entries, 200 words each and ONE A DAY didn't stick. So I'm going to get the 12 entries in, but there not going to be one a day since I didn't start soon enough.
So my primary issue in this blog entry, is the imbalance of the grading rubric for this assignment. The assignment heavily favors Myspace or Facebook. So if you already have myspace, chances are you have a pic of yourself , you've got 100 or more "friends", a list of movies you like, and your description. Thats 22 points already. All of those things you can get points for on Myspace, you can't on the blog. On Myspace to make up the rest of the points you don't already have, all you have to do is 6 blog entries. So that means you could start the project later as well. Also the self description of yourself on a blog is worth less points!!!!!! This grading system is an outrage. I don't persecute those with myspace, but the instructor of this class persecutes those that choose the blog option. I used to have myspace. It started to make me sick though. I was deployed last year, and the blatant nature of betrayal of wives and girlfriends by fellow soldiers facilitated by Myspace, caused me to cancel my account so I would never have to talk to or be reminded of the vile human waste calling themselves soldiers again. I might start another account, but for right now I'm outraged!!!! I will be bringing this assignment to the attention of the proper TMCC authorities if I am not reassured that fairness and change has been brought to this assignment!!

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  1. hahahahahahaha you could be uber dork like me and turn one in for both myspace and facebook :)What teacher do you have??