Sunday, April 5, 2009


Today was a fun day. Slept well, cleaned up a bit, then headed to the dog park. I tried to get Hunter to take a short nap. It didn't happen. I'm about 93.6% sure that he didn't get a nap today before he came over at 3. He was excited to say 'Hi' to me when he showed up, but once he walked inside and put his new backpack down. He was apparently out of energy, and uninterested in much of anything. So we laid down. Well I laid down. Hunter decided it was time to play. After a few minutes though, he realized I was trying to to calm him down. He rebelled against my intentions. I should have known an attempt at a nap that late would be pointless. Then G was at the dog park. So at the mention of the dogpark, he was ready to go. The weather wasn't too bad, atleast it was warmer today. I've been nagging G to get Chango out there, he did really well for his first time. Booch picked on him at first, which bothered me, but by time we left they were buddies, playing nice, and they wouldn't leave each other alone.

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